Thank you for visiting to learn about the Illinois PGA Foundation's 2nd Annual Winter Golf Teach-a-thon.  There are over 800 men and women member professionals and apprentices in the Illinois Section PGA dedicated to making golf a better game.  This winter participating PGA professionals will be giving thanks and giving back to the community by designating a percentage of their lesson fees to charity.

Here's how it works:  participating golf professionals will register their available lesson dates online at  They will allocate a portion (20-100%) of their lesson fees to either their charity of choice or select an open-ended option for their students to choose their favorite charity.  Visitors to can search the database of participating golf professionals by name, charity of choice, date or location.

Transactions processed through will be deposited to the Illinois PGA Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 organization that focuses on sharing the goodwill of the game and serves as the charitable arm of the Illinois Section PGA, one of the forty-one geographical regions that comprises the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA of America).

The Foundation will award the net proceeds to partnering charities as grants at the end of the campaign.  Net proceeds consist of the dollars allocated to the charity less processing costs and 20% shared contribution amount to the Illinois PGA Foundation.  For example, a $100 lesson fee with 50% dedicated to charity would be paid as follows:  $100 minus 2.5% credit card processing fee is $97.50.  Fifty percent of $97.50 is $48.75 to the charity and $48.75 to the golf professional.  The final distribution to charity would be $39.00 to the partner charity and $9.75 (20%) to the Illinois PGA Foundation. Because students are receiving a service in consideration of their gift, only amounts given above the golf professional's normal lesson fee can be considered as tax deductible contributions.

The benefits of participating in the 2nd Annual Holiday Golf Teach-a-thon are:

For Charitable Organizations:

  • Provides a turn-key way to fund-raise
  • Provides a fun and social activity for supporters

For Illinois PGA Professionals:

  • Provides an opportunity to give back to the community
  • Provides an opportunity to introduce new students to the game

For the Illinois PGA Foundation:

  • Provides an opportunity to share golf’s goodwill with other community organizations
  • Provides a fund-raising opportunity to support its own charitable programming
  • Provides a matching challenge grant opportunity for community-minded individuals, corporations and foundations to match dollar-for-dollar fundraising goals for the Foundation and partnering charities.

For information on sponsor opportunities including matching grant pledges, group lessons, lessons for junior golfers, etc, please use the form provided on the Contact Us page.

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