Lesson Fee: $150.00
-- Charitable Donation --
This is the percentage of the lesson fee that will be given to charity less the proportional share of any associated processing costs.
Amount to Charity: 100% (explain)

The Golf Practice, PGA

Amount Raised: $5,154.00 in 14 Lessons


Hello Everyone,

We are so excited to be apart of such a fantastic program that supports golf and helping people. 

We encourage you to take advantage of such a great offer and allow us to shed some light on the mysteries of the game and help you, a friend or a loved one understand why the ball goes where it goes??

Twenty percent of all donations made through the 2nd Annual Holiday Golf Teach-a-thon will benefit the Illinois PGA Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 organization that serves as the charitable arm of the Illinois Section PGA, one of the forty-one geographical areas that comprise the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA of America). Established in 1991, the Foundation's charitable activities focus on promoting the goodwill and growth of the game in Illinois, with an emphasis on activities that benefit youth.  Foundation supported initiatives include: GolfWorks Illinois, a work-study program for high school and college age students that promotes learning through the golf industry, a youth-based scholarship and grants program and administration of the Illinois Golf Hall of Fame.

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